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Choose two out of three essay questions to respond to for the examination. Each question must be typed, double-spaced, with a 12 point font. Each question should be a minimum of 2.5 -3 pages in length in order to receive full credit. You also must include personal feelings, examples and relate concepts from class discussions in order to receive credit. These two questions will be worth 100 points toward your examination grade. Keep in mind that this is an individual effort and no collaboration between members of this class is acceptable. If you use another person's work (i.e. Text or articles online.) , you must cite the author in a works-cited section. My expectation would be that you would have a minimum of three sources per essay. Taking another individual's thoughts, expressions and or written work without
citation is a violation of academic integrity. Any questions you might have should be directed to the professor for further explanation.

1) Marketers need to recognize and understand consumer behavior in order for their business to be successful. List and explain why understanding consumer behavior is so important. This must include several examples. Also within your explanation show how businesses should attempt to understand consumers and what potential customers are looking for in products and or services?

2) Define product positioning. Next, briefly explain the steps in the product positioning process. Within your explanation please identify why it would be to the firms advantage to choose product positions(s) for their product. Specifically examine McDonald's and explain how McDonald's could expand or modify their positioning strategy?

Reference no: EM131252755

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