Typical linux data and configuration files

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You gained some experience working with typical Linux data and configuration files this week by looking at the /etc/passwd file. What is the purpose of this file and the other files associated with users and groups?

Reference no: EM131095583

Significance of the key concepts of privacy

Define the components of the C-I-A triad. Discuss the significance of the key concepts of privacy, identification, authentication, authorization and accountability in relati

Role of credit leads to the stability of our economy

Analyze the role of credit in our economy and how it influences the business cycle. In your answer, explain how the role of credit leads to the stability of our economy.

Interest on a loan is paid on a declining balance

Interest on a loan is paid on a declining balance, and hence a loan with an interest rate of, say, 14 percent can cost significantly less than 14 percent of the balance. Wri

Per month on sales of game

A retailer knows that "n" games can be sold in a month, if the price is 20 - 0.2n dollars per game. If he buys each game for $8, and if he wishes to make a profit of at leas

Asks a user to enter the radius of a circle

Write a program that asks a user to enter the radius of a circle, and calcualtes the area and the circumference. The program should be written using the following methods.

Debtors an unlimited exemption on homes

Some states permit debtors an unlimited exemption on their homes. Is it fair for bankrupts to be allowed to keep multi-million dollar homes, while their creditors remain unp

Which is not true about the telecommunications act of 1996

Under the rate-of-return regulation, plant depreciation is handled by subtracting the depreciation from the rate base and by the application of return on capital investment. W

Draw a box around the table

Complete the tasks below using Microsoft Excel. Draw a box around the table at A22-B25, with a light shading color for the column labels. In cell E18, add a formula using a lo


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