Time-constrained project versus resource-constrained project

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1. Consider this statement: “Project management is more important in business today than it was 30 years ago.” Provide several reasons why this is true (more than five reasons). Add some of your own ideas that are not in the textbook. Explain each of your reasons with a short paragraph.

2. Give a specific example describing how you would use each of the following influence currencies in a job you have now or expect to have in the future:

a. Task-related currency

b. Position-related currency

c. Inspiration-related currency

d. Relationship-related currency

e. Personal-related currency

3. What types of problems might arise during a project if the scope statement is incorrect and poorly done?

4. What are the differences in scheduling methods when managing a time-constrained project versus a resource-constrained project?

5. What does the acronym BATNA refer to, and why is it important to being a successful negotiator?

6. How does earned value give a clearer picture of project schedule and cost status than a simple plan versus actual system?

Reference no: EM131370506

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