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Gizmo, Inc. is the worldwide leader in generating the kitchen appliances. In an effort to save the money, the company wishes to transform all the workstations and servers to the Linux operating system. Presently there are 125 workstations running the Windows XP or Windows Vista. There exist three file servers and the two Web servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition. There are also two servers running the Active Directory with DNS and DHCP services installed.

All employee workstations are running Excel, Word, and PowerPoint from Office 2007. Web browser is Internet Explorer 7.0, and Windows Media Player is utilized for multimedia. Every workstation also has anti- virus and anti-spyware software installed. The workstations attain an IP address from the DHCP server.

The company is utilizing all the Cisco firewalls, routers, and switches. The NOS is in a secure room in center of building. The firewall is configured to filter out the Internet-based attempts to access Gizmo’s servers and desktop computers, Web, and FTP traffic destined for specifically hardened servers.

Gizmo headquarters and warehouse are situated in same physical building. The third floor of building consists of offices, MIS, and servers. Most of network equipment is on the second floor. The first floor of building is used for warehouse. The switches have the VLANs defined, one for the offices, one for the MIS, and one for the warehouse. Recognize what threats are resolved by the Redhat linux.

Reference no: EM1316673

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