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Let P be a problem. For any instance x P, the solution is some real number f(x). Let A be a randomized algorithm for P, such that it gives a solution A(x) that lies in [1/2f(x), 2f(x)] with probability 2/3. Say the running time of A on instance x is polynomial in |x|. Design a randomized algorithm such that, on any instance x ∈ P, it gives a solution that lies in [1/2f(x), 2f(x)] with probability 1 - O(e-n), and has running time poly(|x|,n).


Reference no: EM13706089

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Write a Prolog program to solve the 6 by 6 Sudoku puzzle distributed in class. Do not use a solution downloaded from the Internet or elsewhere. Write your own. It should be

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To undertake this exercise, you must first establish a set of requirements for the group and then identify a set of features that a DBMS product must provide to fulfil the r


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