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1. For purposes of determining discrimination in recruitment, the “relevant labor market” is defined as:

A. the protected class composition of the applicant pool

B.the population as a whole

C.the protected class composition of people qualified for the job, and living geographically close enough to be likely candidates

D.the term relevant labor market does not apply to employment law

2. To determine if a scored test is having discriminatory effects:

A.see if the number of women and persons of color hired is at least four-fifth’s of the number of white males hired the pass rates for different protected class groups and see if the pass rate for any group is less than four-fifths of the pass rate for the most successful group

C.see if the proportion of women and persons of color hired is roughly equal to the proportion of women and persons of color in the relevant labor market

D.examine the individual test questions looking for evidence of bias

3. Which of the following statements is most correct about the legality of drug testing?

A.drug testing will usually be upheld, provided the employer suspected the employee was under the influence of drugs

B.drug testing will usually not be upheld if it is legally challenged

C.drug testing will be upheld for private sector employees, but not for public employees

D.drug testing will usually be upheld, but random testing procedures are the most susceptible to challenge

4. Which of the following is true regarding want ads and job announcements?

A.employers are legally required to post written job announcements and ads

B.all job announcements and ads must be listed online  

C.job announcements and ads must not be placed in publications that target particular protected class groups

D.the wording of job announcements and ads must be neutral

5. The Immigration Reform and Control Act:

A.requires that employers not hire or employ aliens

B.requires that employers not discriminate based on national origin and citizenship

C.allows employers to hire an unlimited number of foreign nationals under the H-1B visa program

D.all of the above

6. A salesman was to attend a meeting in a nearby city, but as he traveled in his car, traffic was light, and he arrived about an hour early. Deciding not to waste the time, he went to a nearby shopping center to search for a birthday gift for his son. He found a tablet that he knew the boy would like, purchased it, and headed out to drive to the building where the meeting was to be held. As he backed out of the parking space, however, he hit another car, damaging it and injuring the driver. Under the doctrine of respondeat superior, is his employer liable for the accident? Why or why not

A.Yes, the employer is liable for the accident because the salesman was driving to attend a company meeting

B.No, the employer is not liable for the accident because the salesman was on an errand of his own at the shopping center

7. Which of the following interview topics would be considered inquiries regarding an applicant’s medical condition?

A.previous injury

B.previous illness

C.previous workers’ compensation claims

D.all of these would be inquiries regarding a medical condition

8. Which of the following is a difference between employing foreign nationals with work visas for work in the U.S. and employing U.S. citizens?

A.the eligibility of foreign nationals to work in the U.S. must be documented on an I-9 form, while this is not required for citizens

B.the duration of employment is limited for foreign nationals, but not for citizens

C.foreign nationals can be paid lower wages and offered fewer benefits than citizens

D.all of the above

9. For union employers, drug testing is:


B.permitted only under certain conditions

C.a subject of mandatory bargaining

Reference no: EM131276836

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