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Write a function DOT-PRODUCT that takes two lists, each list has three numbers (elements), and produces the dot product of the vectors that they represent. For example,

-> (DOT-PRODUCT '(1.2 2.0 -0.2) '(0.0 2.3 5.0))

            -> 3.6

Write a function COUNT-NUMBER that counts the number of numbers that occur in a list. It should work like this:

-> (COUNT-NUMBER '(A 2.3 B 5 4.53 C F))

            -> 3

Write a function NEW-LIST that takes a number as its argument and constructs a list of that length containing all Ts. For example,

-> (new-lit 5)

-> (T T T T T)

The Lisp function LENGTH counts the number of elements in the top level of a list. Write a function ALL-LENGTH of one argument that counts the number of atoms that occur in a list at all levels.  Thus, the following lists will have the following ALL-LENGTHs.

(A B C)                                   => 3

            ((A (B C) D (E F))      => 6

            (NIL NIL (NIL NIL) NIL )   => 5

Reference no: EM13164582

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