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The Internet has turned into an around the clock battle ground of attackers and attackees. It is estimated that there are millions of compromised computers and servers known as bots, which are distributed throughout the world at any given time. Bots are responsible for becoming spam bots, web spiders, DDoS attackers, and can be used for other destructive and illegal activities.
To ensure that the Zeus Books web server doesn't become a bot, it is important the web server is secured and protected from being compromised through exploits and attacks. Zeus Books is requesting you to perform a web server security mitigation assessment.
In the assessment, Zeus Books has requested that you provide three known exploits on the following products and the solutions to mitigate any possible attacks leveraging versions you are currently running the Zeus Books website on:

  • Windows
  • Hypervisor (the one you recommended in the discussion assignment)
  • Apache 2.X
  • PHP

Based on your understanding of web server security, create a 4- to 5-page report in a Microsoft Word document answering the following:

  • Discuss three known vulnerabilities or exploits on the technologies above.
  • Discuss how you will be able to mitigate the known vulnerabilities or exploits.
  • Discuss any security software or hardware components which should be used to protect Zeus's website.

Discuss how you plan to monitor the Zeus Books web server for ongoing security alerting.

Reference no: EM13724330

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