The health status of a country plays
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Part 1

  • You are currently working as an administrative assistant for a large metropolitan hospital. You have been asked to prepare an article for the hospital newsletter about international health care. The following are the items you have been asked to include:
  • List and explain reasons why the health status of a country plays an important role in its economic status.
  • Create a table that shows how the access, quality, and cost of health care are influenced by the low-income, middle-income, and high-income status of an economy.

Part 2

  • Select 1-3 foreign countries, and provide the following information about the access, quality, and cost of health care:
  • Compare a foreign country's quality of care to the United States' quality of care.
  • Compare a foreign country's cost of health care to the United States' cost of health care.
  • Compare 1 of the foreign countries' access to medical care to the United States' access to medical care.
  • Give examples of how the World Health Organization (WHO) helps to provide health care in times of need.

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