The average number of customers waiting in the line

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Renuka? Jain's Car Wash takes a constant time of 4.0 minutes in its automated car wash cycle. Autos arrive following a Poisson distribution at the rate of 9 per hour. Renuka wants to? know:

a) The average wait time in the line = ___ minutes (round your response to two decimal places)

b) The average number of customers waiting in the line ?= ___ cars (Response should be rounded to nearest 2nd decimal? place)

Reference no: EM131275517

Fully functioning groups are characterized by

Time tested practices for developing successful teams are: Fully functioning groups are characterized by: Warren Bennis identifies four principles of effective leadership. The

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Kate Smith, a chief executive officer (CEO) of a small pharmaceutical company that manufactures generic aspirin wanting the company to maximize its profits. She can sell as ma

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Peter Drucker identifies responsibilities of leaders to be all but one of the following: All of the following are important questions to ask during team building exercises exc

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Butler Company is preparing a bid on a new construction project. Two other contractors will be submitting bids for the same project. Based on past bidding practices, bids from

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For each life stage, identify a product or service that has high environmental impacts during the particular life cycle stage. Then, suggest a new or existing product or servi

Using lists-bullets and category headings

Revise the following poorly written sentences and paragraphs using lists, bullets, and category headings, if appropriate. Improve parallel construction and reduce wordiness. R

Identify several tentative alternative solutions

You are a third-shift nurse supervisor to whom several charge nurses report. Each charge nurse is responsible for a nursing unit. Six months ago, you promoted Sally Besnick to

Identify two major aspects of procurement business process

What are the five inputs and two outputs of an operations transformation process? The Operations definition emphasizes decision, function and process elements of the organizat


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