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Write some code (in BlueJ) to test the generation of random numbers. To do this, create a new class called Random Tester. You can create this class in the tech-support1 project, or you can create a new project for it-it doesn't matter. In class Random Tester, implement two methods: print One Random (which prints out one random number) and print Multi Random(int how Many) (which has a parameter to specify how many numbers you want, and then prints out the appropriate number of random numbers).

Reference no: EM131372887

Does it work correctly if the collection is empty

Rewrite the list All Files method in the Music Organizer class from music-organizer-v3 by using a do-while loop rather than a for-each loop. Test your solution carefully. Do

Create a class called sorting test

Create a class called Sorting Test. In it, create a method that accepts an array of int values as a parameter and prints out to the terminal the elements sorted (smallest el

Generate documentation for your techsupport project

Use BlueJ's Project Documentation function to generate documentation for your TechSupport project. Examine it. Is it accurate? Is it complete? Which parts are useful? Which

Find out about and describe other javadoc key symbols

The Java API Documentation Generator (for example, at http:// download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/technotes/tools/windows/javadoc. html). In this document, the key symbols are

Find out what the model-view-controller pattern is

What does it suggest? How could it be applied to this project? (Only discuss its application to this project, as an actual implementation would be an advanced-challenge exer

Refactor your project to introduce a separate player class

Refactor your project to introduce a separate Player class. A Player object should store at least the current room of the player, but you may also like to store the player's

Could they be written as instance methods

Add characters to the game. Characters are similar to items, but they can talk. They speak some text when you first meet them, and they may give you some help if you give th

Repeat the previous exercise with the testminus method

Run all tests again. Explore how the Test Result dialog displays the failed test. Select the failed test in the list. What options do you have available to explore the detai


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