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The Unit 3 Assignment requires you to apply the theories, concepts and research that we have covered so far this term to hypothetical case studies. Your answers to the questions should consist of information from the text and supplemental readings.

You also may use sources from the Kaplan Library or other credible Internet sources, but your primary sources should be the readings assigned for the course.

These include:

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Pub Med

After reading each case, please fully answer the questions below.

Answers to the questions should be typed in a Word document, double-spaced in 12-point font and submitted to the Dropbox. Most students will need to write 2-3 typed pages for each case in order to address all required parts of the project.

Your final paper must be your original work; plagiarism will not be tolerated. Be sure to review the Syllabus in terms of what constitutes plagiarism.

Please make sure to provide proper credit for those sources used in your case study analysis in proper APA format. Please see the APA Quick Reference for any questions related to APA citations. You must credit authors when you:

Summarize a concept, theory or research
Use direct quotes from the text or articles
Case Study 1: Marla

Marla is a 24-year-old woman who recently graduated from college and began a new job at an advertising firm. She suffers from extreme fear of social situations. In college, she avoided parties and large gatherings and tended to keep to herself. Now that she is working, it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to avoid social situations. Her boss and co-workers expect her to attend office functions and client parties as networking is a large part of the job. Marla is very artistic and creative and has already designed several successful ads for clients, but she is afraid that she will lose her job because of the difficulties she is experiencing socially.

Define the target behavior in this case study.
Describe how respondent behavior is involved in the development of an anxiety problem. Identify the CS and CR in this example.
Discuss the difference between systematic and in-vivo desensitization. What are the advantages /disadvantages of each procedure?
Design a behavior modification procedure for Marla and explain the rationale for your selection. Be sure to include a discussion of behavior hierarchy, relaxation procedures and desensitization procedures.
Compare specific ABA-based treatment that can be applied to assist clients with fear and anxiety.
Case Study 2: Jon

Jon is a 6-year-old boy, with normal intelligence, who has a hair-pulling habit, or self-stimulatory behavior. The hair pulling occurs most often during periods of inactivity, such as during TV watching, quiet time in school, or waiting in line with his parents.

Define the target behavior in this case study.
What is the behavior excess or deficit involved in this example? What are some of the possible short- and long-term implications of this behavior for the client?
Design a habit reversal procedure for Jon that includes the use of differential reinforcement and identification of an appropriate competing response.
Suppose that Jon had an intellectual disability. How would you change your habit reversal procedure to increase its effectiveness?

Reference no: EM13315569

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