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1. Data Anomalies - Explain in your own words using tables from a lab project. Also describe how such anomalies could be prevented.

2. Normalization - Assume that you have not read this lecture and you have created your lab project (tables). Do you think your tables in your project are normalized? Explain how this session helped your project? What are your thoughts on normalization?

Reference no: EM131258967

Computing the dft of a vector of length n

A circulant is an n × n matrix in which the rth row is the rth cyclic shift of the first row, 2 ≤ r ≤ n. When n is a prime, show that computing the DFT of a vector of length

Problem regarding the server in the remote machine

Create a chat client and server that can be used for communication between 2 users in different hosts. A sentence, typed by the user, will be transmitted to the server in th

Number of months since start of period

During 18 month period, price of certain stock could be modeled by P(t)=56.5 (0.96)^t where t is number of months since start of period. Price of stock during this period of

Create a class that simulates an alarm clock

create a class that simulates an alarm clock. In this class you should *store time in hours, minutes, and seconds. Note if time is am or pm. (hint: you should have separate

Creation of a base geometric class

The lab will require the creation of a base geometric class, called Shape, and two sub classes, Circle and Rectangle, that are derived public from the class Shape.

Why target overlooked or ignored the red flag(s).

Conclude the main reasons why the attack on Target occurred. Give your opinion as to whether or not the attack was mainly due to the poor infrastructure or the inability of

Nefarious computer activities called ping sweeps

Your boss has just heard about some nefarious computer activities called ping sweeps and port scans. He wants to know more about them and what their impact might be on the com

Business reprocess engineering-strategic information system

Some people may say that Business Reprocess Engineering (BPR) is special case of strategic information system, whereas, others may say opposite is true. Describe this statem


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