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If the average tax payer who makes $140,000 per year owes the government $18,200 with a standard deviation of $1500, and the IRS receives a 1040 tax documents from a customer who earned $140,000 that claims he only owes $12,000, should the IRS suspect the tax payer has likely made an error?

Reference no: EM1388757

Explain the information it is representing

Present your graph and fully explain the information it is representing. Pose one question regarding the data and graph or chart for your fellow students to consider and res

Determine the sample size

Suppose we want to conduct a poll to estimate the proportion of voters who approve of the current mayor, and we plan to use a 95% confidence interval for our estimate.

Significantly increase the flow of a certain river

During the rainy season, we estimate that showers, which significantly increase the flow of a certain river, occur according to a Poisson process with rate λ = 4 per day. Ev

Provide a summary table for the study variables

Provide a summary table for the study variables with some descriptive data about the study sample including the means & standard deviations for continuous variables (scale)

Confidence interval for mean difference in blood pressure

Systolic blood pressures are measured at baseline and again 4 weeks later. Compute a 95% confidence interval for the mean difference in blood pressure over 4 weeks.

Difference in means between the two groups

What is the appropriate procedure to test for a significant in different means between the 2 age groups. What is the p-value corresponding to your this answer and compute a

Regression model-computerized regression routine

What are the advantages and disadvantages of regression models in comparison to using a computerized regression routine? Give examples.

Research and statistics-t-test

A hypothesis states a difference exists between two populations. Sometimes this is an obvious conclusion because the means will be very different.


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