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Assessment brief Part 1-

1- Introduction to the industry: in this introduction we are required to provide and over all view points of the local industry and over all strategy flowed by the organization. 200 words

2- Introduction to the company: this should give strategy view points company along with more explanation to the previous points from the industry introduction. 200 words

3- Identify the key strategic issue: example this can be based on the financial and human related issue.

4- Explain environmental analysis: 400 words
- Portal 5 forces
- Competitors analysis

Assessment Part 2- 

• Internal environment analysis (small paragraph to explain the purpose)

• Internal environment analysis tolls.

• Recourses based on view.

• Recourse audit

• Critical success factor : The KPI must be strested and the points must be relates some financial and non financial achievements.

• Strength and weaknesses

• Portals value change

Assignment part 3-

1- Introduction to the company: 1000 words

The summary for the current and future strategy must be explained along with potential expiration or any other joint venture however we should only give some close not additional recommendation

2- The strategic position for the company: using SWAT analysis we should discuss the current position for the organisation in the world and in the country.

3- Introduction for the portal generic strategy: evaluate the relative ship with current strategy and porter generic also explain if the Org. flows cost/unit production unit the price would also be lower therefore they become leader because of cost.

4- Evaluate the strategy beads on unsoft matrix: in this would identify the current strategy and witch is going to be the most suitable future strategy with the existing economic condition.

5- Recommendation future strategy: the recommendation must be very much comprehensive and should be justified.
-The factor such as suitability acceptability and visibility should be analysis and this elements must be come under separate heading as well

- strategic direction to the organization can be explain through growth Enovation or international explanation

Conclusion - This must be a smarmy of all the above recommendation 1000 words.

In this assignment we will talk about Starlink company in Qatar as communications and media retail and logistics business also as outercourse for Ooredoo Qatar to hiring employees.

Reference no: EM131112885

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