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Select a recent article of your choice on EHR vendor management. Develop a mind map that:

1. Identifies five key criteria in shortlisting and selecting a suitable EHR vendor in your chosen article.

2. For each of the five criteria you identified, explain with keywords in your mind map why it is important

Important note: You are to attach the article you have researched as part of your submission for marking reference and cite it in your mind map.

To get started, you may use (but are not restricted to) the following international and Australian healthcare portals for your research:



Professional healthcare portals

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society


Health Information Management Association of Australia



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EHR or Electronic Health Record system refers to the better management of the health records with the help of electronic devices. It is a health record in a digital format and is also known as electronic medical record or EMR. It is a collection of patient’s information stored in a digital format and very systematically. Such records that are created are shared through the systems that are network-connected.

This information can be inclusive of a range of data, which may include demographics, medical history, medication and allergies. The other sections may comprise of immunization status, laboratory test results, radiology images, vital signs and other personal statistics like age and weight. The billing information can also be seen and shared through the same portal (Adler, 2005).

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