Structure of a database using entity-relationship diagram

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Objective: This is an individual assignment aimed to give the student exposure in understanding, designing, building and analyzing database systems for a given real-time based scenario and be able to conduct optimal strategies for efficient management of databases.

Intended Learning Outcomes covered:

1. Design the logical structure of a database using Entity-Relationship diagram.

2. Apply normalization techniques to reduce redundancy in a database.

Task 1:

Complete the work proposal in Microsoft Word file format (may include possible answers based on your initial understanding). Work proposal for the assignment must be submitted before the end of week 7 and must include:

a) Understanding of deliverables - a detail description of deliverables.

b) General overview of proposed plan - initial understanding of solution to task 2 which includes, the name of entities, associative entities and relationships and a brief write up on the concept of referential integrity. Initial understanding of solution to task 3 which includes the process to be followed for normalization and a brief write up on the concept of data integrity.

c) Timeline and references for completion of task 2 and task 3.

Task 2:


Consider the following scenario modeling project management activities in an organization.

Muscat Festival is conducted every year during spring in The Sultanate of Oman. The festival comprises of many events showcased by participants from various countries. Each event is identified by its unique ID, and has a name, time and location. Each participant can be identified by their ID and has name, address and contact number. An event can have any number of participants but a participant belongs to one event only.

The Festival offers several commercial shops to promote the business sectors in Oman. A shop can be owned by one vendor and a vendor can own any number of shops. Each shop is given a unique identification number, name, location and an in-charge. A vendor is identified by a vendor ID, and has name, address and phone number. Once a visitor visits the shop, the details of the visitor such as name, contact number, address and resident ID number, which is unique to every visitor will be recorded. A shop can have one or many visitors, a visitor may visit one or more shops. Whenever a visitor visits a shop, the date and amount he spent will be recorded to track the profit of the outlet.

The festival also offers different rides for children. Each ride has a unique ID, name, and price. A visitor can use any number of rides, or may not use any ride. A ride can be played by any number of visitors or need not be used at all. In addition to the rides and shops, the visitors may also participate in events. The Festival organizers have imposed a condition that each visitor should participate in an event only once or may not participate at all, but an event may have any number of visitors.

a) Construct the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the above given scenario. Identify all the entities, associative entities, attributes of each entity including primary key, relationship between the entities and cardinality constraints. State any assumptions necessary to support your design.

b) Analyze the above given scenario and discuss about the possible structure of the relations (the number and name of the columns, datatypes etc.) and any integrity constraints to be implemented in the above design. State any assumptions necessary to support your design.

Task 3:

a) Normalize the below given Form to First Normal Form, Second Normal Form and Third Normal Form. Make assumptions for the identification of the primary key wherever necessary.

b) Give a reflection of how referential integrity is implemented in the process of normalization. Support your answer with reference to the above Question. (At least 400 words)

Task 4:

Be ready for a written viva to demonstrate your knowledge with the different concepts used in preparing the assignment. Schedule for the written viva will be announced in the class and on Moodle/MEC mail. Marks for task 2 and task 3 will depend on the satisfactory pass for the demonstration in task 4.


Follow the guidelines mentioned below for your assignment.

- Submit a work proposal detailing aspects such as initial understanding of the given tasks, timelines to complete each task, literature sources for solving the tasks.

- Assignment should be typed and uploaded to Moodle and will undergo plagiarism detection test through Turnitin (a plagiarism detection tool)
- - Handwritten assignments will not be accepted.
- Assignment should have a Title Page. Title Page should contain the following information.
 Assignment Name
 Student name
 Student ID
- It should have Table of Contents
- Use page numbers
- Assignment should be typed in your own words using Times New Roman font size 12.
- Heading should be with Font Size 14, Bold, Underline - Use Diagrams and Examples to explain your topic.
- Copy paste from the Internet or other student work is strictly not acceptable.
- References should be included in the last page as follows
 Author name, Book Title, Publisher, Year in case of books
 In case of web site references type the full path of the web page with referenced date
 In case of journals/magazines/periodicals type article name, magazine name, Issue Number and date

Reference no: EM132184862

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12/3/2018 10:20:42 PM

Task 3 (a) Normalisation Incomplete/ Weak/ Plagia rized Report Wrongly normalized relation. Mark may be Partially normalized tables with detailed explanation on normalization Completely normalized all the relations with proper explanation. assigned for creating base table. Deliverables Aspects 0-3 4-7 8-12 13-15 Task 3 (b) Normalisation Incomplete/ Incorrectly Partially discussed measures to Properly Write up Weak/Plagia discussed maintain referential integrity. discussed rized Report measures to measures to maintain maintain referential referential integrity. integrity with example.


12/3/2018 10:20:31 PM

Deliverables Aspects 0-3 4-9 10-12 13-15 Task 2 (b) ER Diagram Incomplete/ The design of The design of the table is given Properly Weak/Plagia the relations is correctly / two integrity recommended rized Report partially constraints discussed: relevant the design and correct / the primary keys and at least two integrity integrity foreign keys are not discussed. constraints: constraints: relevant primary at least two keys and at least foreign keys two foreign keys and relevant are included. primary keys are not included.


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Deliverables Aspects Mark Range: 0-10 Mark Task 1 Proposal Submission • General overview of initial understanding to all the tasks. • General overview on the proposed solution of all the tasks. • Timeline and references .Include a list of suitable literature to complete the assignment using a Harvard Style Notation. Deliverables Aspects 0-3 4-13 14-26 27-30 Mark Task 2 (a) ER Diagram Incomplete/ Weak/Plagia rized Report Information is incomplete. Identification of different entities, associative entities, attributes, Primary key, and the relationship between the entities are partial. Information is satisfactory. Complete and accurate in all aspects


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Learning Outcomes Skills Acquired Design the logical structure of a database using Entity-Relationship diagram. Critical Thinking, Analytical, Comparing, Contrasting, Decision-making, Data Modeling, Researching, Making judgment about complex issues, Communicate conclusions effectively. Apply normalization techniques to reduce redundancy in a database. Critical Thinking, Analytical, Cognitive, Problem Solving, Evaluating Evidence, Making judgment about complex issues, Researching, Demonstrate Creativity, Communicate conclusions effectively.


12/3/2018 10:19:45 PM

Assignment work proposal: Detail feedback on the assignment work proposal will be provided. This feedback will help you to understand and reflect on your initial understanding of assignment tasks. 8th week of Fall MEC Moodle Final Assignment Submission: Detail feedback on the assignment document will be provided. This feedback will help you to reflect on your work. 15th week of Fall MEC Moodle

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