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You're working with a typical user who doesn't know much of ANYTHING about computers, let alone Windows. They're notorious for losing track of documents they worked on, and they hate having to go into the Start menu to find programs. List three tweaks you could make that would help the poor worker bee out.

Reference no: EM131154831

What are the components of pki

1. What are the components of PKI? 2. What is physical security? What are the primary threats to physical security? How are they manifested in attacks against the organizat

Examine its functionality and the data types and operations

Investigate one of the advanced database applications discussed in Section 17.1, or a similar one that handles complex, interrelated data. In particular, examine its functio

Multilayer infrastructure architecture

Using Visio, create a high level large enterprise data center design that follows the Cisco®multilayer infrastructure architecture. Please use the Insert/Comment or Insert/T

Explain specific challenges of facing designer

Explain specific challenges of facing the designer, specifically with regard to limitations of hardware, software and interface design two paragraph each.

Interpret readjusted false positive and false negative costs

Use Result 3 to readjust the adjusted misclassification costs, so that the readjusted false negative cost is $1. Interpret the readjusted false positive and false negative c

Find the volume of a wedge for an arbitrary angle

Two planes cut a right circular cylinder to form a wedge. One plane is perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder and the second makes an angle of θ degrees with the first. (

Bank ui implementations

The Model View Controller (MVC) pattern was first documented in The Journal of Object Technology in 1988, but was first implemented as early as the 1970s. The MVC pattern is

Print a message to tell the user

Write a Java program that asks the user to input a year number in the 21st century (such as 2016, 2023, or 2090). Print a message to tell the user that whether the year is a


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