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SQL Queries Using MySQL
Query1 Write a SQL statement to display the course numbers of classes taught by Hammett Glenn.
Query2 Write a SQL statement to display the course names of the courses taught by an instructor whose id is 415.
Query3 Write a query to display the name and office number of all instructors who teach Psy101.(USE NATURAL JOIN)
Query4 Write a query to display the semester and the number of courses
offered in that semester. Display only the semesters that offer more than five courses.
Query5 Write a SQL statement to display the name of each campus and the total number of rooms in that campus.
Query6 Write a SQL statement to display the list of instructors who are approved as well as those who are not approved. (OUTER JOIN)
Query7 Write a SQL statement to display the start date and start time of
all classes taught by instructor Hammett Glenn.
Query8 Write a SQL statement to display the number of students in each major with a status of failing.
Query9 Write a SQL statement to display the credit hours of all courses that Hammett Glenn is approved to teach.
Query10 Get the campus name and phone number of all rooms with
numbers greater than 25.

Reference no: EM13723287

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