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What are the differences between storing data in a spreadsheet verses storing data in a database. In what business scenarios might one approach be superior to the other? What are the pros and cons of each approach? Why do you think many businesses today use both spreadsheets and databases to manage their data?

Reference no: EM132281021

Determine the utilization factor of the plant

A textile plant requires 4 kg/s of saturated steam at 2 MPa, which is extracted from the turbine of a cogeneration plant. Steam enters the turbine at 8 MPa and 500°C at a ra

Creating relational databases

Consider the following set of database tables. The diagram shows a database made up of 6 tables with all primary keys underlined. Please take note of foreign keys (most of t

Show your structure definition code

Which fields in a log entry will be accessed for the given log processing function? Assuming 64-byte cache blocks and no prefetching, how many cache misses per entry does th

Type of business software

Assume that in your first week on a new job you are asked to use a type of business software that you have never used before. What kind of user training should your company

What is the total absorptivity of the surface

What is the total absorptivity of the surface? If it is assumed that ελ = αλ and that the surface is at 1000 K, what is its total emissivity? What is the net radiant heat fl

Production quota for the total number of items

A company manufactures x units of one item and y units of another. The total cost in dollars, C, of producing these two items is approximated by the function C=4x^2+3xy+6y^2

Preparing for a company-wide migration to windows 8

Crescent Manufacturing Inc. (CMI) is a luxury leader in crafted and customized home furnishings. The corporate headquarters and a production facility are located in Texas, w

Design an asynchronous circuit to implement this function

The input values are shown on the arcs; the state names and the output values of the stable states are shown in the circles. Design an asynchronous circuit to implement this


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