Spreadsheets and databases to manage data

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What are the differences between storing data in a spreadsheet verses storing data in a database. In what business scenarios might one approach be superior to the other? What are the pros and cons of each approach? Why do you think many businesses today use both spreadsheets and databases to manage their data?

Reference no: EM132281021

How to implement the weighted union rule efficiently

Describe how to implement the weighted union rule efficiently. In particular, describe what information must be stored with each node and how this information is updated whe

Program named intarraydemo that stores an array

Write a program named IntArrayDemo that stores an array of 10 integers. Until the user enters a sentinel value, allow the user three options: (1) to view the list in order f

Earnings and dividend forecasts made

The following are earnings and dividend forecasts made at the end of 2012 for a firm with $20.00 book value per common share at that time. The firm has a required equity ret

Write a recursive function called add_digits

Write a recursive function called ‘add_digits’ that takes an integer as a parameter and adds its digits. For example, if we call this function with the parameter n=1234, the r

Handles people entering an amusement park

GUI program that handles people entering an Amusement Park through the main gate.  Use Radio buttons and/or check boxes. A customer is Over 65, Under 12, or has a Season Pass

Differences between proactive and reactive police strategies

Question 1: Discuss the differences between proactive and reactive police strategies. Give a real-life example. Question 2: Describe the different types of informants utilized

How long it would take to find all solutions to the problem

Implement the backtracking algorithm for the n-queens problem in the language of your choice. Run your program for a sample of n values to get the numbers of nodes in the al

Two young college graduates opened a chain of print shops

Two young college graduates opened a chain of print shops. The chain expanded rapidly during the early 1990s and many new stores were opened. The number of print shops in op


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