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A proposed new three-storey sports centre is to be constructed west of the Knowledge Dock building for the University.
The form of construction of the new centre is to be a large steel frame building, approximately 60m x 40m in plan, clad in super insulated steel panels and with precast concrete floors.

A site investigation has been carried out together with an environmental assessment. The findings are summarised as follows:

"The subsoil at the site is a thick layer of soft alluvial river silts and sands, the bearing capacity of the silt has been found to be in the region of 80 kN/m2. There is a high ground water table present. At the western end of the site to a depth of approximately 3m there are patches oil present and traces of metals such as nickel and zinc, this due to recent industrial processes that were previously undertaken on the site. In addition there are isolated clumps of Japanese Knotweed present in the north eastern part of the site."

You are an assistant project manager for a large design & build Development Company who is responsible for scheming out the groundworks element of the North Building project.

Describe and explain with the aid of clear labelled diagrams and/or photographs how your company could:

a) Improve the bearing capacity of the silt;

b) Identify the contaminants on site and explain their hazards in relation to the proposed design and its construction. Describe the ‘In-situ' and Ex-situ' treatments that could be used and their relative merits;

c) Specify and construct the foundations for the new building, including describing the specific function of any plant that is required.

Reference no: EM13326260

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