Some tools of marketing have stayed basically

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Some tools of marketing have stayed basically the same over the years despite the advent of the internet and other technological advances, while others have changed immensely. Which marketing tools would you say will continue to be broadly applicable and unchanging regardless of technological advances? Why?

Reference no: EM131150831

Illustrate what size tool and fwad tractor would be needed

Assuming it needs to be pulled at 5 mph, illustrate what size tool and FWAD tractor would be needed. For each working day you can average 8 hours in the field and field effi

Under the doctrine of strict liability-mitigate liability

Under the doctrine of strict liability, care and caution may mitigate liability. Which of the following is NOT required for a showing of negligence? To "assume the risk" of a

How many books should barnes and noble order

How many books should Barnes & Noble order? What is their expected profit? How many books do they expect to sell at a discount? What is the profit that the publisher makes gi

A colleague who has not studied project management

A colleague who has not studied project management has asked you to give him your explanation of what crashing is. In your own words, how would you explain it so that your col

Determine whether or not costcos strategy

Finding the Leader in You: Jim Sinegal’s Strategy at Costco is to Not Follow the Crowd, analyze the strategies that Costco uses to ensure success. Determine whether or not Cos

What is steady-state distribution for this queuing system

A small pizza shop has a single telephone number that can ring two different phones. Each of these phones has the capability to put a single call on hold and then whenever a c

Describe the most important aspects in such a way

Think back over the last 48 hours of your life and focus on one incident or event that happened to you or in which you were involved. It does not have to be a major event (suc

What is the minimum number of lines of communication

A project manager is planning an upcoming project. Her project team will consist of 11 team members, not including the project manager. What is the minimum number of lines of


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