Skill-centered or leader-centered managers

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Skill-Centered or Leader-Centered Managers

From the two groups of candidates described below, who would you select to be your managers and why?

The Skill Group: Former and current skilled, experienced craftspersons, engineers, planners - employees who have done the service work in the past. However, none have formal leadership education. None are considered to be inspirational leaders.

The Leader Group: Educated and enthusiastic leaders. None have ANY experience in the service group skills.

Remember, you run the organization and will be held accountable. Your customer expects execution of the service and innovation for improvement.

Oh yes - don't forget: About 75% of the craftspersons want their managers to know the business from the ground up. The other 25% are frustrated with lack of innovation and want to see positive changes.

Reference no: EM1342543

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