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Which one of the following is NOT an attractive way to reduce the design, assembly, marketing, and other costs per action-capture camera sold in an effort to achieve a sizable low-cost competitive advantage over rivals?

A. Spending aggressively (but also taking care not to overspend) on camera product R&D

B. Paying PAT members an attractive assembly quality incentive to help reduce warranty claims on cameras sold and also boost PAT productivity

C. Striving to keeping marketing costs per camera sold in all 4 geographic regions sold to levels that are below the industry-average benchmark and better still close to the industry-low benchmark (as reported on p. 6 of the Camera& Drone Journal)

D. Trying different combinations of components, product enhancements. and extra performance features to be used in action cameras in order to discover the lowest cost combination for achieving a competitively appealing P/Q rating

E. Doing whatever it takes to entirely avoid any use of overtime in assembling cameras because paying PAT members 1.5 times the hourly base wage to assemble cameras at overtime is much too expensive.

Reference no: EM131430167

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