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Assume that you are shoppinf for a laptop computer, shop an internet site and classify the lap tops you find there into threecategories, then select one category and find three laptops that fit that category. Partition each of these laptops using three or four different features that are important to you, for example size speed , rams etc. then list the categories of laptops you created and the features of the laptops you partitioned.

Reference no: EM13147170

Write essay regarding the role of civil rights organizations

Write an essay regarding the role of civil rights organizations like AIM (American Indian Movement) in the twenty-first century. What is the significance of the "Ghost Dance

Influence of branding on consumers

Employment in Small-to-Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) New Zealand is a country comprised of a large percentage of small-to¬medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which provides un

Death by scrabble by charlie fish

Write an informative essay of at least 2 double-spaced 12 pt. font pages (typed) identifying and explaining three "good writing" techniques in any (1) of the following stori

Research the risk factors and pathophysiology of cancer

Cancer kills more than 500,000 Americans each year according to the American Cancer Society. Research the risk factors and the pathophysiology of a cancer topic of your choice

Write an essay on jail time for first time dui offenders

Research essay on jail time for first time dui offenders. Is the introductory paragraph effectively written? Does it define the issue and state an arguable thesis statement? A

Person perspective essay and narrative persuasive essay

Put yourself in the place of the Iraqi narrator of this poem and write a narrative persuasive essay, resurrecting your way of life as it is described in this poem, and defendi

Berit brogaard book

Using Berit Brogaard's book "on romantic love", the homework is to: Create a survey or study, testing for prototypes of love, modeled on the one in Chapter 7, on in-between

Issues of cloud based accounting information systems

The assessment task is to write a research report using academic journal articles that will address the issues of cloud based accounting information systems adoption in busine


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