Differentiating between market structures simulation

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Differentiating between Market Structures Simulation

• Using the link provided on the page, access and complete the Differentiating Between Market Structures Assignment Options.

Choose one to address. Also prepare a table that compares and contrasts the various characteristics of the four market structures

to include in your paper. Format the table as follows:

Column headings should be the four market structures:

1) Perfect competition

2) Monopoly

3) Monopolistic competition

4) Oligopoly

Use the following Row headings to help explain the basis for your market characterization:

1) An example of a organization

2) Goods or services produced by the organization

3) Barriers to entry

4) Numbers of organizations

5) Price elasticity of demand

6) Economic profits (Is there a presence of economic profits? Yes or no.)
Then prepare a 1050-1,400-word paper summarizing the content and your analysis of the scenario. Address the questions regarding the option you chose.

Reference no: EM13147171

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Differentiating between market structures simulation : Using the link provided on the page, access and complete the Differentiating Between Market Structures Assignment Options.  Choose one to address. Also prepare a table that compares and contrasts the various characteristics of the four market structu..
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