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a) Why does Apple try so hard to make sure its products are sold only by retailers who have been approved by apple?

b) If apple had no control over which retailers sold its products, why would it want to be able to set a minimum price below which the retailers were not allowed to sell the products?

c) Is there a danger to manufacturers from having retailers possibly charge too high a price for their products?

Reference no: EM132281203

Determine a formula that counts the numbers of nodes

Determine a formula that counts the numbers of nodes in the recursion tree. What is Big- O for execution time? Determine a formula that expresses the height of the tree. Wha

Identify the form of normalization

For each of the examples below, indicate the normal form for each relation.  If the relation is NOT in third normal form, decompose it into 3NF relations. Enter 1NF, 2NF or

Returns an array with the dimensions

You are to write a class called Matrix that implements a constructor, a method to returns an array with the dimensions of the stored matrix, a method that returns a referenc

What is the big-o run-time of the remove operation

What is the big-O run-time of the Remove operation for an array-based list? Do your empirical results agree with this? Why or why not. What are the big-O run-times of the Ge

Designing a game system

Suppose that you are designing a game system that responds to players' pressing buttons and toggling joysticks. The prototype system is failing to react in time to these inp

Difference between data block-extent-segment and tablespace

Allocation in Oracle can aid recognize problems more easily. In your own words, give the description of difference between data block, extent, a segment, and a tablespace.

The cost of having the tree removedwould

Suppose that your neighbor owns an old tree, with branches that extend over yourlawn. He enjoys having the tree, getting utility of $100, and incurring $65 ofcleanup costs on

Database system for a database project

Choose a database system for a database project and write a 3.5 to 4 page paper on why you would choose (i.e. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, etc.). As a deliverable fo


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