Run the binary search method on a set of unordered data

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1. Run the binary search method on a set of unordered data. What happens?

2. Using the CArray class with the SeqSearch method and the BinSearch method, create an array of 1,000 random integers. Add a new private Integer data member named compCount that is initialized to 0. In each of the search algorithms, add a line of code right after the critical comparison is made that increments compCount by 1. Run both methods, searching for the same number, say 734, with each method. Compare the values of compCount after running both methods. What is the value of compCount for each method? Which method makes the fewest comparisons?

Reference no: EM131313368

Find the first occurrence of an item in a data set

The sequential search algorithm will always find the first occurrence of an item in a data set. Create a new sequential search method that takes a second integer argument in

Write a program that runs each sorting algorithm

Create an array of 1000 integers sorted in reverse numerical order. Write a program that runs each sorting algorithm with this array, timing each algorithm, and compare the

Create a data file consisting of at least 100 string values

Sort the file using each of the sorting algorithms discussed in the chapter. Create a program that times each algorithm and outputs the times in a similar manner to the outp

Calculate the average grade and the highest grade

Design and implement a class that allows a teacher to track the grades in a single course. Include methods that calculate the average grade, the highest grade, and the lowes

Perform the following actions to test your application

Press the Exit button. The Exit button doesn't stop the application but instead deletes all tests from outForChecking and inserts them in submittedTests and displays a list

Write a method that does a reverse lookup

Write a program that stores names and phone numbers from a text file in a dictionary, with the name being the key. Write a method that does a reverse lookup, that is, finds

What is the difference in time

Using a small array (less than 20 elements), compare the sorting times between the insertion sort and QuickSort. What is the difference in time? Can you explain why this dif

Write findmin and findmax methods for the avltree class

Using the Timing class, compare the times for the methods implemented in Exercise 1 to the same methods in the BinarySearchTree class. Your test program should insert a sort


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