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On April 29, 2011, Quality Appliances purchased equipment for $260,000. The estimated service life of the equipment is six years and the estimated residual value is $20,000. Quality's fiscal year ends on December 31.


Calculate depreciation for 2011 and 2012 using each of the three methods listed. Quality calculates partial year depreciation based on the number of months the asset is in service. Round all computations to the nearest dollar.

1. Straight-line.

2. Sum-of-the-years' digits.

3. Double-declining balance. 

Reference no: EM13997603

Baddour report in its statement of cash flows

1.On January 1, 2013, Baddour, Inc., issued 10% bonds with a face amount of $160 million. The bonds were priced at $140 million to yield 12%. Interest is paid semiannually on

Record an overtime premium

An employee whose regular hourly rate is $20 and whose overtime rate is 1.5 times the regular rate worked 44 hours in one week. In the payroll register, the employer should

Assets revalued upon benson retirement

Meir, Benson, and Lau are partners and share income and loss in a 2:3:5 ratio. The partnership's capital balances are as follows: Meir, $68,000; Benson, $104,000; and Lau, $

Problem regarding debt investments

Debt investments are recorded at the : a. face value of the bonds purchased. b. face value of the bonds purchased plus interest. c. price paid for the bonds plus interest. d.

Annual report project

Within a company's Annual Report, management and its Board will usually provide information regarding the company's future plans and strategies.  Please list three of your com

Required journal entries for the transactions

In general terms, compare and contrast how expenditures are controlled in the general fund and in debt service funds. Explain why differences would occur - Create the requir

Determine the accounts receivable balance

At December 1, 2010, Orear Company's Accounts Receivable balance was $1,200. During December, Orear had credit sales of $5,000 and collected accounts receivable of $4,000. A

Money in the account earning the same rate

After that, you stop making any new deposits but leave the money in the account earning the same rate. How much money will be in the account when you become 58 years old?


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