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A 75-kW, 460-V, three-phase, four-pole, 60-Hz, wound-rotor induction motor develops a maximum internal torque of 225 percent at a slip of 16 percent when operated at rated voltage and frequency with its rotor short-circuited directly at the slip rings. Stator resistance and rotational losses may be neglected, and the rotor resistance and inductance may be assumed to be constant, independent of rotor frequency. Determine

a. The slip at full load in percent.

b. The rotor I2R loss at full load in watts.

c. The starting torque at rated voltage and frequency in per unit and in N · m. If the rotor resistance is doubled (by inserting external series resistance at the slip rings) and the motor load is adjusted for such that the line current is equal to the value corresponding to rated load with no external resistance, determine

d. The corresponding slip in percent and

e. The torque in N · m.

Reference no: EM13877074

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