Role of product harm and consumer vulnerability

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With respect to the articles assigned and any other articles/research that you are able to draw upon, do marketers have an obligation to avoid marketing to vulnerable consumers as defined by Craig Smith and Cooper-Martin in "Ethics and Target Marketing: the Role of Product Harm and Consumer Vulnerability"? How should businesses handle those deemed to be vulnerable?

Reference no: EM13905478

Firm is undergoing business process improvement exercise

A professional services firm is undergoing a business process improvement exercise to improve productivity, staff morale, and client satisfaction while also focusing on the cu

How long does it take for you to nish the game

Assume that you begin the game of throwing a dice. In the game, you lose $1 if your dice shows a multiple of 3, or earn $1 otherwise. You have $2 initially, and you nish the g

Evaluate the costs and benefits to both the company

Evaluate the costs and benefits to both the company and the employee. How do the benefits justify the costs. What factors should the company consider when designing a training

Purpose of discussing business objectives

Contact the owner or manager of an organization by phone or e-mail in your city or town. Request a 15-minute personal interview or meeting for the purpose of discussing "busin

Design sales presentation/campaign that introduces idea

Select a product that you like or a product you use. Design a sales presentation/campaign that introduces an idea for the product, or a better way to promote the product. This

Analysis of the success factors planning pitfalls benefits

Describe similarities and differences that you might expect to see with regard to strategic planning in these organizations. Include your analysis of the success factors, pl

Customer relationship to close a million dollar deal

Where might your highest-tech travels take you with greater efficiencies and effectiveness? Where and when have you wished you could turn off all the games and gizmos, hike do

The company has no beginning or ending inventories

Portis, Inc. reported sales of $8,000,000 for the month and incurred variable expenses totaling $5,600,000 and fixed expenses totaling $1,440,000. The company has no beginning


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