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Question 1: Risk management CASE STUDY 

There is only one question.

Topic An article about Energy Mad Company.

Your project is to perform a risk assessment on this company. Position this analysis at present, as an investor who is evaluating to invest in the company.

Academic requirements:

  • You can research this subject (energy efficient light bulbs, energy efficient technologies) further and use the external sources to help you identify the risks that could occur. All used material must be acknowledged and referenced.


  • You should (a) read up on the topic and see how other people have approached this type of problem, (b) do you own risk assessment (determine hazards/opportunities, analyse consequence and likelihood (risk), assess risks, determine treatment, etc.)
  • You need to identify the hazards/opportunities (suggest you use SWOT/FMEA or FTA), analyse the risks (either quantitatively or with a matrix), assess the risks, and propose treatments.


You are to write a document describing the case study you have undertaken. Suggested report structure might be:


Executive summary

1 Introduction (and definition of the problem as per your proposal)

2 Method (way you approached this - written in past tense)

3 Results (risk register, matrix, etc.)

4 Discussion (meaning/significance/implications, limitations, possible further work)

5 Conclusions (summarise the meaning, refer back to the problem definition), Appendices (detailed working, samples of documents from other sources), References. However, that is only a guide.

The final output may either be a MS word ® document (2000+ words as a guideline) or a pdf file. 

All work must be referenced using the Harvard /APA method.

Provide a reference list 

Reference no: EM131130375

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