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Chocolate Enterprise is a multi-division company. The current ROI for Chocolate Enterprise as a whole is 11%, and Chocolate Enterprise has a minimum required rate of return on all investments of 10%. The most successful division within Chocolate Enterprise is the Boxed Candy division. Currently the boxed candy division has total assets of $2,000,000 with operating income of $400,000. The manger of the Boxed Candy division is considering the purchase of a small company called Truffles Inc. The purchase of Truffles Inc. will require an investment of $800,000 and with the synergy between the two companies will increase the Boxed Candy Division's operating income by $76,000. The residual income for the Boxed Candy Division after the purchase of Truffles Inc. will be? and would you expect them to purchase Truffles or Not purchase Truffles.

Reference no: EM13128358

Total stockholders equity-total paid-in capital

Chen, Inc. purchases 1,000 shares of its own previously issued $5 per common stock for $12,000. Assuming the shares are held in the treasury, what effect does this transacti

Concept of perpetual inventory system

Trader sells 15 units for $25 each on December 15. Eight of the sold units are from the December 7 purchase and seven are from the December 14 purchase. Trader uses a perpet

Estimated mean difference in page

a) Find the estimated mean difference in page visits be- tween the two websites. b) Find the standard error of the estimated mean difference. c) Calculate the t-statistic  for

Find out the contribution margin ratio

Hollis Industries produces flash drives for computers, which it sells for $20 each. Each flash drive costs $14 of variable costs to make. During April, 1,000 drives were sol

Accounting principles would be beneficial to corporations

briefly compare the IASB and FASB in regards to the convergence process. Give your opinion on the reasons why a single set of accounting principles would be beneficial to corp

Proficiency in basic accounting concepts

You've been nominated by your institution for the seminar because of your proficiency in basic accounting concepts. The participants and audience comprise college professors

Sullivan declared and paid cash dividends for 2010

During 2010, Sullivan loaned $300,000 to TLC Co., an unrelated company. TLC made the first semiannual principal repayment of $50,000, plus interest at 10%, on December 31, 201

Journalize the adjusting entry to be made on december

On December 31, 20, Sanchez Company needed to record its accrued wages for year end. If December 31 is a Wednesday, then Sanchez Company must account for three days of wages.


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