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The Research Question, Literature Review, and Research Hypothesis

The SLP for this course is designed to allow you to apply the research concepts and principles introduced throughout this course to a "real-world" health problem. As such, you will be asked to devise your own research question, to use the empirical literature to identify knowledge gaps in the field with regard to that research question, formulate a corresponding research hypothesis, propose an appropriate study design for testing that research hypothesis, and devise a sampling and recruitment plan to strengthen the generalizability of your study's findings. In Module 5, you will upload a final paper consisting of all of these elements.
Your Task for this Assignment

After reading the background materials for this module, select one of the following research topics and derive a corresponding research question. Next, write a 2- to 3-page paper in which you identify your research question and apply the "Attributes of a ‘Good' Research Question":

Obesity and Diabetes Risk
Your paper should clearly delineate the extent to which each of the following criteria has been satisfied in formulating your research question:

  • Relevance
  • Novelty
  • Focus
  • Consisting of two core concepts (at minimum)
  • Feasibility

SLP Assignment Expectations

  • You are expected to consult the scholarly literature in preparing your paper; you are also expected to incorporate relevant background readings.
  • Your paper should be written in your own words. This will enable me to assess your level of understanding.
  • In order to earn full credit, you must clearly show that you have read ALL required background materials.
  • Be sure to cite your references in the text of all papers and on the reference list at the end. For examples, look at the way the references are listed in the modules and on the background reading list.
  • Proofread your paper to be sure grammar and punctuation are correct and that each part of the assignment has been address clearly and completely.


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