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The community that I have selected is Helena, Georgia. It's a small rural community consisting of about 2,300 people located in Telfair County. It is a railroad city with McRae, Georgia. A strength of this community is that the people are willing help one another. A challenge this community faces is drug use, shortage of community activities, and community violence. One can identify this city with abandoned buildings, burnt down homes, vandalism, litter, and damaged streets. I think that more activities or things to do, a playground, community center, and a convenient library in the city will reduce the challenges this city face. Letting the community come together to make this change will make a difference.

Refer to the community you selected for this week's Discussion. Then imagine that you have been assigned to complete a needs assessment and identify potential resources for this community. You elected to interview key informants as one form of assessing this community. Consider who you would contact as a key informant for this community. Finally, think about how you might engage the informant to obtain the community details to complete your needs assessment.

Assignment: (2 page paper in APA format).

Your paper should include the following:
A description of the community you selected
A description of the key informants you would contact within that community
An explanation of why you would contact the key informants you selected
An explanation of the skills you might use to engage these informants to obtain the community details to complete your needs assessment and explain why you chose those skills.

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The following is a description of each key informants: Telephone interviews with some ofthe agency representatives, local police department, and local schools to be speak with some ofthe head representatives and to set up face-to-face interviews.Face-to-face interviews with the residents, school’s officials, police departments, localbusiness owners, and agency representatives. To be able to ask more complex questions and getmore detailed responses and detailed information. Speaking with the local agency/agency representatives to get them more involved withhelpful resources such as jobs, housing, food programs, adult/youth center, and drug rehabilitationcenters.

Reference no: EM13143496

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