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Imagine a situation where a running competition is going so there is no error into it. You are invited to make a App to record the whole competition and keep this record to the App and provide ranking system.

Please made it using emulator

Reference no: EM131274910

Single point of failure

Telecommunication network providers and users are concerned about the single point of failure in the "last mile", which is the single cable from the network provider's switc

Find minimum volumetric flow rate needed to tip the block

A 10-mm-diameter jet of water is deflected by a homogeneous rectangular block (15 mm by 200 mm by 100 mm) that weighs 6 N as shown in Fig. P12.11. Determine the minimum volu

Hash algorithm used by protocols such as radius

1. In 1996, the Message Digest 5 (MD5) hash algorithm used by protocols such as RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) to protect passwords was found to have a we

Implications of using a smartphone for work

Consider the implications of using a smartphone for work. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages? Is it ethical for employees to be contacted outside of work hour

Modify the previous program to get its input from a file

Write a program that accepts a sequence of average daily temps and computes the running total of cooling and heating degree-days. The program should print these two totals a

Design an asynchronous circuit to implement this function

The input values are shown on the arcs; the state names and the output values of the stable states are shown in the circles. Design an asynchronous circuit to implement this

Determine the alignment to either classes or services

Using research and your own experience, identify two simple business problems that would best be solved with the use of classes and two simple business problems that would b

Is security problems or situations

For this post, tell us a story about information security gone wrong, or even gone right, if you were able to defend against an attack. Do you have any personal or business


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