Reconciliation and conflict

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Reconciliation and conflict
After watching the movie The End of the Spear (found in the Content Tab) students will prepare a paper with their reaction to the movie and its relationship to materials read for class. It should make reference especially to concepts regarding reconciliation persona & social, as they appear in chapters 4-10 of Robert Schreiter's The Ministry of Reconciliation.
Material from other parts of the course may be applied too, but paper MUST REFER TO THE UNDERSTANDING OF A PROCESS OF SOCIAL RECONCILIATION IN SCHREITER'S BOOK.

Paper should be typed, a minimum two page, double-spaced, 12 point type, one inch margins. Grammar counts, spelling counts, sentence structure counts, everything counts that an English teacher would be looking for.

Consider identifying causes of the conflict, relationship between, personal, social, and divine reconciliation. How are the themes of justice and truth presented? References to the book must be cited

Reference no: EM13530989

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