Read through descriptions of daily activities and commonplac

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Knowledge of the Hidden Rules of Social Class
Extra Credit: 7 points
This exercise will help you gain insight into the taken-for-granted knowledge needed to survive in various social classes.
Read through descriptions of daily activities and commonplace knowledge for lower, middle, and upper class people. Then put a check mark next to the things you know how to do, and then look to see how many check marks you have in each catergory. For each of the three questionnaires in the link below, place a check mark in front of each item that you definitely know how to do-right now, today, at this very minute. Be honest. If you are the least bit unsure, do not check the item. If you don't have children, use yourself and your siblings as a reference group. 
Write a short reflection addressing the questions below (250-500 words):
Analyze the type of taken-for-granted information found in each questionnaire:
· what is the knowledge about?
· how and where does one learn it?
· how do you gain access to the people and places where it can be learned? 
What conclusions can you draw about the nature of the hidden knowledge necessary to be successful in each social class?
On which questionnaire did you have the most check marks? On which one did you have the least? Were you surprised by the outcome? Did any of the information surprise you? How did you feel when doing the exercise? How do you account for your reaction, in sociological terms?

Reference no: EM13739403

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