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Create a program that will generate a list of 200 random numbers (ranging from 1- 1000) and determine the medium, mode, and average of the list of numbers. Have the program display the original list and then display the list in ascending and descending order on the screen.

Reference no: EM13167037

Write a recursive method that accepts an integer n and

Write a recursive method that accepts an integer n and returns the product of the first n even integers. For example if n = 4, it should return 384 (2*4*6*8). The method shoul

Explain the roles of computer forensics expert

Explain the roles of computer forensics expert and computer security expert. You should include the following: Which specific positions (job titles) are in demand within busin

Cnditions under which full offsite backup is worth the cost

Discuss conditions under which it is worth the cost. Suggest some kind of compromise, lower cost solutions that still proved some recovery capabilities, and cases where th

When are link state packets sent out

Adhere to APA formatting and reference guidelines when writing your response. Additionally, your response should be free of grammatical errors, use complete sentences, and g

Convert the virtual address 5ef

2. Consider the page table shown for a system with 12-bit virtual and physical addresses and with 256-byte pages. Convert the virtual address 5EF to its equivalent physical ad

Assignment engages the student in understanding

This assignment engages the student in understanding how projects fit as implementation vehicles to meet organizational goals defined within the organization's  strategic pl

Type a valid product name

Using Excel VBA, consider a cell where a user can type a valid product name. If the product name is valid then the adjacent cell should display the correct product category.

Automate basic system administrator processes

This course introduces basic programming concepts, logic, and scripting language tools used to automate basic system administrator processes. Critical thinking, logic, and t


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