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Shortly after the introduction of the computer, someone said that two computers could undertake all the computing in the World. At that time the best computers were no more powerful than today's pocket calculators. The commentator assumed that computers would be used to solve a few scientific problems and little else. As the cost and size of computers has been reduced, the role of computers has increased. Is there a limit to the applications of computers? Do you anticipate any radically new applications of computers.

Reference no: EM131233310

Consider a lan to which ten host interfaces

Consider a LAN to which ten host interfaces and three router interfaces are attached. Suppose the LAN uses class C addresses. The IP address for the 13 interfaces will be id

Resulting work breakdown structures

The teams then separated and each developed a work breakdown structure for the same alternative solution. The teams then compared the resulting work breakdown structures and

World-wide database of domain names

The world-wide database of domain names and corresponding IP addresses is called the Domain Name System. Servers that host part of the Domain Name System are called domain nam

Provide an example of an sql query

Provide an example of an SQL query that creates and executes four individual tables; Student, Class, InstructorID, and Room Number with not null and default constraints.

Describe your experience installing the microsoft office

Describe your experience installing the Microsoft Office Suite software. Indicate the version of the software that you installed, and the name and version of the operating s

Demonstrate an understanding of basic legal processes

Demonstrate an understanding of basic legal processes and of computer misuse, fraud and the law. Use a right-aligned header that contains your name and the date, and a footer

Calculate paradise club discount total for one double rooms

Calculate the Paradise Club discount total for One Double rooms for Saturday night in cell B35. To do so, multiply the number of Paradise Club rooms sold Saturday night by t

Is there such decomposition in the case of a random process

The Fourier transform of deterministic signals can be viewed as a decomposition of the signal into sinusoids of different frequencies with deterministic amplitudes and phase


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