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Question 1

Consider the world of libraries. A library has books, videos, and CDs that it loans to its users. All library material has an id# and a title. In addition, books have one or more authors, videos have one producer and one or more actors, while CDs have one or more entertainers. The library maintains one or more copies of each library item (book, video or CD). Copies of all library material can be loaned to users. Reference-only material is loaned for 2hrs and can't be removed from the library. Other material can be loaned for 2 weeks. For every loan, the library records the user, the loan date and time, and the return date and time. For users, the library maintains their name, address and phone number.

Question 2

Draw a class diagram (or two, if this is more convenient) for the description above. Make sure to show attributes, multiplicities and aggregations/compositions, where appropriate. No need to show any operations.

To give an exam, an instructor first notifies the students of the exam date and the material to be covered. She then prepares the exam paper (with sample solutions), gets it copied to produce enough copies for the class, and hands it out to students on the designated time and location. The students write their answers to exam questions and hand in their papers to the instructor. The instructor then gives the exam papers to the TAs, along with sample solutions to each question, and gets them to mark it. She then records all marks and returns the papers to the students.

Draw a sequence diagram that represents this process. Make sure to show when is each actor participating in the process. Also, show the operation that is carried out during each interaction, and what its arguments are.

Reference no: EM131102805

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