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Let's say that I have a number of linked-list nodes that are connected in a way that it forms a directed graph. If I am currently located at any node (let's call it A) and I want to find another specific node (let's call it B), what kind of algorithm would be most efficient in finding node B without getting stuck in a circular path and capable of terminating if node B cannot be found?

Reference no: EM131038913

Program using raptor that allows user enter current salary

Create a program using Raptor that allows user enter current salary, annual raise rate, and years the user plan to work, and then calculate and display proposed salary for e

Improving on an existing idea or developing a new idea

How can intellectual property protection discourage others from improving on an existing idea or developing a new idea?  Is this a serious problem?  What can be done to prot

Discuss the pros and cons of the service available

From the e-Activity, compare the best practices mentioned within the document to the way in which your own network is setup. Determine whether or not you will fix / change a

State iris''s cost minimization problem

a) State Iris's cost minimization problem and use it to derive the optimal quantities of N and A given the number of tulips produced. b) Derive Iris's total cost function. c)

Determine how to diagnose and reseat the ram

A user complains that her computer is responding very slowly. She also says that when booting the PC, it reports a lower value for memory than she assumed is available. You

Develop your own penetration test

Once you have completed your research, develop your own penetration test report and sample contract for a fictitious company. Your submission should be three to five pages i

Scores high on the individualism-collectivism index

Considering that the United States scores high on the Individualism/Collectivism Index (91) and Japan scores low (46), describe what this means to a marketer of an automobil

Understanding the job

Watch the video titled "Understanding the Job." What is the "job" that your business seeks to fulfill? And, what are other ways that this job can be completed? Given this in


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