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Travelmania Inc. is a new, Internet based travel agency specializing in customized exotic and adventure travel. The company has limited resources and very low level of awareness in the market. Even within the exotic and adventure travel market, it has to deal with competition from the major online travel companies and needs to create a comprehensive differentiation and branding strategy. What segmentation variables would you use to segment the market, and which segment would you focus on? What should be the key concept at the center of the company's brand identity? Describe what should cross the customer's mind when they come across the Travelmania brand name.

Reference no: EM13106380

Calculate the new contribution per unit

Your company has a market share of 25%. The total market size is $100 million. Your contribution margin (the ratio of the contribution per unit over the price per unit) is 20%

Identifying the key alternative distribution channels

D-Magic is a new company that has developed a revolutionary 3D television. It uses a new technology that provides a much sharper and realistic 3D experience than their competi

Calculate the future worth of total revenue

Buckeye Manufacturing expects to generate additional revenue from its recently won government contract. Buckeye forecasts that the revenue will be $40 million in the first yea

Calculate the total savings

Tahiti Manufacturing recently purchased a new machine. The maintenance contractor recommended that this model should receive maintenance every 3,000 - 6,000 hours of operation

Discuss porter industry analysis forces

THE FUTURE OF GAP, INC. CASE ABSTRACT Founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher, Gap, Inc. was a leading specialty retailer operating primarily in North America offering clothing, acce

Question based on queueing theory

Messages are transmitted from low speed terminals and arrive at a message concentrator at a Poisson rate of 600/hr. They are held in a buffer until a hi-speed trunk line is fr

Discuss operating characteristics of interest to the manager

An urn contains nine white balls and 11 black balls. A ball is drawn and replaced. If the ball is white your opponent pays you 25 cents. If it is black you pay him 25 cents.

Describe the privacy requirements under hipaa

What are the privacy requirements under HIPAA? Explain why confidentiality of health information has been a controversial public policy issue. Give a real world example.


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