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Assume you infected an E. coli culture with a virulent bacteriophage. Most of the cells lysed, but a few survived - 1x10^-4. You wonder where the resistant bacteria came from. Were they caused by the bacteriophage infection or did they already exist in the bacterial culture? Earlier, for a different experiment, you ha spread a dilute suspension of E. coli onto solid medium in a large Petri dish, and, after seeing that about 10^5 colonies were growing up, you made an imprint of the colonies on that plate and transferred it to three other plates - a process known as replica plating - which creates identical patterns of the colonies on 3 plates. You realize that you can use these plates to distinguish between the two possibilities. You pipette a suspension of the bacteriophage onto each of the 3 replica plates so that the bacteria can be infected. What result do you expect if the bacteriophage cause resistance? What result do you expect if the resistant bacteria pre-exist?

Reference no: EM1386472

Explain why the article caught your attention

Explain why the article caught your attention. Relate the article to your life and to issues that are important to you. Discuss how or if the scientific knowledge about the

The various stages in the life cycle of a star

Describe how a star forms and the different stages of a stars life. Describe the different rates of the different types of stars. What forces are opposing one another througho

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Find feathers to compare structures. Take a photo of the feathers, or draw a sketch, then write a 3-4 paragraph essay on why you think the feathers look the way they do.

Distinguish between homologous and analogous structures

Write a short paragraph briefly describing at least three types of evidence that are -consistent with and support evolutionary theory. Distinguish between homologous and anal

Internal structures of the larger cell

Assume you are researching microbial life in the Rocky Mountains. You scoop up a water sample from a melted snow puddle because you are curious about the possible microbes tha

What is probability that james and lily first child have

James and Lily are contemplating having children, but Jame's brother has galactosemia (an autosomal recessive disease) and Lily's great grandmother also had galactosemia.

Barriers which may interfere with accomplishing claywells

Identify two barriers which may interfere with accomplishing Claywell's FOURTH stage of role transition. For each barrier, describe two (2) resources to overcome each one

When DNA is formed from nucleotides is energy created

When DNA is formed from nucleotides is energy created?  Does this temporarily reverse entropy?  AS living things grow into larger organized molecules from smaller ones is entr


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