Provide the sql statement below

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Create a new query to display all authors with last name of "Smith" and all books by this author. Show author id, author first name, author last name, title id, and title. Group data by title id. Provide the SQL statement below:

Reference no: EM131080761

What is the maximum level of accounts

What is the maximum level of accounts receiable that ALei can carry and have a 40 day average collection period? If ALei's current accounts receivable collection period is 50

What happens to the short-run supply curve if wages rise

Suppose a firm is off its short-run supply curve, but at a point where MR = MC. Use Word's Drawing Tools to a draw the profit function for this situation and label a point Z

Write a program to simulate rolling a six-sided fair die

Write a program to simulate rolling a six-sided "fair" die with one dot on one side, two dots on another side, three dots on another side, and so on. Allow the user to enter

Design and implement list insertion and deletion algorithms

That is, all unused storage should be linked together in a list. When a new item is deleted it is placed on the end of the free list and when a new item is inserted the spac

How do you write a program in visual basic

My problem is the program should pretty much erase the pervious series data points for the control limits for both charts and update the new value with the recalculated valu

How should their address lines be connected

(Random-Access Memories) A microprocessor with an 8-bit-wide data bus uses RAM chips of 4096 x 1-bit capacity. How many chips are needed and how should their address lines b

Design a flow-through 4-word by 4-bit fifo

design a flow-through 4-word by 4-bit FIFO. Consider carefully how to represent the empty/full status of the FIFO. (Hint: Consider adding an (m + 1)st bit to the FIFO to ind

Discuss the impact of the roles on health care organization

Discuss the impact of the roles on the health care organizations. Create a diagram with the career choice as the focal point and identifying the work roles within one of the


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