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The company is NAB National Bank Of Australia

You are required to collect press cuttings relating to a publicly listed company allocated to you by your tutor from the following newspapers.

The Age,

The Herald Sun,

The Australian or

The Financial Review

These articles should relate in some way to movements in the company's share price. Hard copies of these newspapers are available in the Learning Commons. In addition they all have websites that may be accessed.

Although you may print articles from the internet the articles must be from one of the four newspapers above and must be from the period 13 July to 4 September. You should collect a minimum of 4 articles and a maximum of 6 articles.


Collect information on your allocated company as detailed above.

1 Provide a brief outline of the company's history and current business operations. This can be obtained from the company's website but it must be summarised in your own words.

2 Provide, in your own words, a brief summary of each article collected remembering to cite the source and date of the article

3 Record the closing share price for the day once a week commencing. Include the share prices in a table and graph them using an appropriate package such as Excel.

You are required to prepare and label the graph. It must be your own table and graph. It is not acceptable to download the table or the graph from a website.

4 Provide a commentary on the share price movements for the 8 week period including, reasons for any fluctuations in the share price.(Your articles may help with this)

5 Analyse the company's performance over the last two years, including any changes in the company ratios. Bearing in mind the current share price, make a recommendation to potential and existing investors as to whether to invest in this company. You should take into account any major economic developments, any changes to the company structure, dividends declared, rights or bonus issues, share price movements, takeovers or company difficulties during your assignment period. This section of the assignment should contain 500 - 600 words.


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Summary of the Company:

National Bank of Australia (NAB) is one of the premier banking and financial institution of Australia. Considering its ranking, the bank lists on fourth position in Australia in terms of market capitalisation and the number of customers it serves. It is one of the top 50 banks of the world in terms of total assets, and operates various branch and service centres across Australia, UK, New Zealand, Asia and USA.

The company has a rich customer’s base and also employs a very large number of people across the globe. It was formed in 1893 and since then it has been providing a rich banking experience to the people. There has been numerous changes in the company in terms of the management and the company structure and also financial movements all along.

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