Prove that the following problem is np-complete

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Prove that the following problem is NP-complete: Problem: Feedback Vertex Set Input: A directed graph G = (V,A) and positive integer k. Output: Is there a subset V ∈ V such that |V | ≤ k, such that deleting the vertices of V from G leaves a DAG?

Reference no: EM131366243

Can i formulate my problem as a linear program

Does my problem seem something like satisfiability, the traveling salesman problem, or some other NP-complete problem? Might the problem be NP-complete and thus not have an

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Sketch the energy band diagrams of an MOS capacitor with N-type silicon substrate and N+ poly-Si gate at !latband, in accumulation. in depletion, at threshold. and in invers

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Estimate how many cubic miles of water flow out of the mouth of the Mississippi River each day. Do not look up any supplemental facts. Describe all assumptions you made in a

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We have 1,000 data items to store on 1,000 nodes. Each node can store copies of exactly three different items. Propose a replication scheme to minimize data loss as nodes fa

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Consider the following algorithm to find the minimum element in an array of numbers A[0,...,n]. One extra variable tmp is allocated to hold the current minimum value. Start

Identify the position of the first offending parenthesis

Give an algorithm that returns true if a string contains properly nested and balanced parentheses, and false if otherwise. For full credit, identify the position of the firs

What method would you use to look up a word in a dictionary

Write a program to reverse the direction of a given singly-linked list. In other words, after the reversal all pointers should now point backwards. Your algorithm should tak


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