Properly test all possible ways this program will work

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Design and write a Java program that uses nested if statements. Ask the user how many kids were in their family when growing up and how many bedrooms were available for the kids in the house. For the sake of simplicity let's only code for 1, 2, or 3 or more kids, and 1, 2, 3 or more bedrooms. Look at the following chart and output a message for every combination of kids and bedrooms.

How many test cases do you think you need to properly test all possible ways this program will work? I'm only requiring you to provide 3 written ones, but you may need more.

Reference no: EM131260643

Predict the microsoft office component

Submit all files and written responses at the same time as one (1) complete submission. Screenshot File Submission: You must submit the screenshot file(s) using the provided A

The concepts of logical and physical data independence

Explain the difference between external, internal, and conceptual schemas. How are these different schema layers related to the concepts of logical and physical data indepen

What is the flaw in this system

A car entering either end of the tunnel causes red lights above the tunnel entrances to be turned on. As the car exits the tunnel, the lights are turned off. If an approachi

How many pairs of rabbits will be there in a year

How many pairs of rabbits will be there in a year if the initial pair of rabbits (male and female) are newborn and all rabbit pairs are not fertile during their first month

Calculate the load factor and capacity

A power station has a load cycle as under: 260 MW for 6 hr: 200MW for 8 hr; 160 MW for 4hr; 100MW for 6hr. If the power station is equipped with 4 sets of 75 MW each. Calcul

Write organizational factors for benefits of new information

Write three organizational factors which can prevent a firm in completely realizing benefits of new information system, and give examples for each.

Which of the following can be valid host id

Your router has the following IP address on Ethernet0: Which of the following can be valid host IDs on the LAN interface attached to the router? 1

Differentiate between classification of data and clustering

Give two examples, apart from those given in the slides, for each of the following: a) Data mining from the commercial viewpoint b) Data mining from the scientific viewpoint.


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