Properly test all possible ways this program will work

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Design and write a Java program that uses nested if statements. Ask the user how many kids were in their family when growing up and how many bedrooms were available for the kids in the house. For the sake of simplicity let's only code for 1, 2, or 3 or more kids, and 1, 2, 3 or more bedrooms. Look at the following chart and output a message for every combination of kids and bedrooms.

How many test cases do you think you need to properly test all possible ways this program will work? I'm only requiring you to provide 3 written ones, but you may need more.

Reference no: EM131260643

Game is thus parameterized by the particular population

The game is thus parameterized by the particular population density ranges that allow organisms to be born or to continue to thrive. Each cell has up to eight neighbors (above

Input two arrays of information

Write a program that will input two arrays of information. Each array will contain exactly 4floating point values. Your program will enter these values from standard input.

History of the farmworker movement in the united states

Each section contains primary source materials that document the history of the Farmworker Movement in the United States between 1962-1993. For example, you may want to read

Find recent news that involves information security

For this assignment, you need to find recent news that involves information security breaches. This news must not be older than one year. Then you need to analyse the chosen n

Write a program that defines and tests a factorial function

Write a program that defines and tests a factorial function. The factorial of a number is the product of all whole numbers from 1 to N. For example, the factorial of 5 is 1*

Describe the concept of form follows function

Describe the concept of "Form Follows Function" as it pertains to the three main areas of design (FAB). Recognize ways in which portfolio designer works within limitations o

Sequential search question

Derive an exact formula in n (not big O) for the average number of target-to-element comparisons for successful searches on an array of size n, assuming that all possibilitie

Multimedia application between two multimedia applications

If your running memory intensive multimedia application on the computer which has 128 MB RAM installed and computer is momentarily stopping when you switch between two multi


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