Proper solid and hazardous waste disposal
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Need a ten to twelve page paper written

Choose an environmental issue that interests you from the list below:

  • Preventing loss of biodiversity
  • Maintaining clean water supplies
  • Developing new energy sources
  • Proper Solid and hazardous waste disposal
  • Sustainable uses of public lands

Please note that climate change and air quality are not options for the Final Paper because students will write a short paper during Week Two, which focuses on those policy areas.

As explained in the instructions to your Final Paper, your paper should have five major sections. For this assignment, you will complete the following sections:

  • Introduce the thesis and provide a brief overview of the main points of the rest of your paper.
  • Describe your issue and explain how and why the three environmental challenges/problems are associated with this issue.
  • Explain how and why the three environmental challenges/problems associated with your issue impact direct and/or indirect environmental values.
  • Recommend a policy that will effectively and efficiently address the three environmental challenges/problems associated with your issue and evaluate the social, political, economic, and environmental pros/cons of implementing your policy.
  • Conclude your paper with a brief review of your main points and overall argument/thesis.

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