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1. Project Communication Methods

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways of distributing project information. Express your views on the methods used in your organization for performance reporting to different stakeholders and suggest relevant improvements.

2. Computing Models for Global Applications

Do you believe global IS/IT projects tend to be better suited for traditional or utility computing models? Or do you believe the geographic scope of a project does not necessarily suggest one model over the other? Explain your position.

3. Business Process Reengineering

Analyse one strength and one weakness of using the value stream analysis tool in business process reengineering. Provide examples that clearly illustrate the strength and weakness you identified.

Reference no: EM132184567

What you would recommend as the coo to improve the speed

In a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document, describe what you would recommend as the COO to improve the speed with which customers receive the products that they h

Should the hampton inn use the same competitive strategy

Suppose you are the CEO of Papa Johns, and McDonald's just announced that it would begin to serve pizza in and deliver from all of its restaurants in the United States. Woul

Describe a situation in which you felt pressured to act

To what extent do our moral ideas reflect the society around us, and to what extent are we free to think for ourselves about moral matters?Describe a situation in which you f

Calculate the expected number of automobile accidents

The number of auto accidents in Athens, Ohio, is related to the regional number of registered automobiles in thousands (X1), alcoholic beverage sales in $10,000s (X2), and rai

Firm save annually in ordering-carrying costs by using EOQ

A produce distributor uses 710 packing crates a month, which it purchases at a cost of $10 each. The manager has assigned an annual carrying cost of 35 percent of the purchase

Actual negotiaon situation

Apply the five negotiation skills to an actual negotiaon situation.  You have inherited from your parents half of an undivded interest in a summer home with some prime acrea

Consumers good deal by offering equivalent-quality products

When Wal-Mart customizes its merchandise store by store to meet shopper needs, it is practicing ________. Which positioning strategy offers consumers a "good deal" by offering

Find the reliability function of the system

Suppose that the lifetime T of a system is uniformly distributed on the interval (0,B), where B is a random variable having exponential distribution with parameter lambda>0. F


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