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1. Project Communication Methods

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways of distributing project information. Express your views on the methods used in your organization for performance reporting to different stakeholders and suggest relevant improvements.

2. Computing Models for Global Applications

Do you believe global IS/IT projects tend to be better suited for traditional or utility computing models? Or do you believe the geographic scope of a project does not necessarily suggest one model over the other? Explain your position.

3. Business Process Reengineering

Analyse one strength and one weakness of using the value stream analysis tool in business process reengineering. Provide examples that clearly illustrate the strength and weakness you identified.

Reference no: EM132184567

What extent the security checkpoint is lean operation

You arrive at the airport and wonder to what extent the security checkpoint is a lean operation. Among other things, you observe that it takes about 30 seconds to check an ID,

Customer satisfaction through branding and advertising

How do customer relationships fit into a vision for a given product and the overall organization? How does an organization use this relationship to meet customer satisfaction

Make a decision based on your research

Your boss really is excited about your new approaches and is ready to make a decision based on your research. Choose two (2) solutions to your issue, and compare and contras

What is the bonds coupon rate

Metal Fabricators just issued $1,000 par 20-year bonds. The bonds sold for $758.18 and pay interest semi-annually. Investors require a rate of 9% on the bonds. What is the b

Explain how the following somewhat match each other

Explain how the following somewhat match each other: • functional structure with simple structure • divisional structure with departmentalization by product

Forced to create an entire new system to track sales

Business Dilemma You have recently started selling a few new products including customized CDs, customizable coffee presses, and coffee-of-the-month and tea-of-the-month progr

Public policy as he was breaking up a criminal act

John Doe is a prison guard for the state of Louisiana. He is represented by the state employees’ union. His training clearly instructs that he is never to leave the post unatt

Largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft

Boeing is the world's leading aerospace corporation and largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft. At what types of business markets are Boeing's products targe


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